A seamless, customizable,
end-to-end HCM platform.

  • Recruitment
  • Benefits
  • Onboarding
  • Tax & Compliance
  • Time & Labor
  • HR Suite & Services
  • Payroll & PTO

All your team
needs to be all
it can be

In addition to all the shiny stuff, we empower you through personal service that’s there at all times. And through clear, accurate data delivered on time with minimal effort.

Switch at the flip of a switch

Growth means change. Thankfully, our adoption
specialists make the change stress-free:

Step 1


Our team takes things personally. We collect all your company and employee data, and learn about how you like things done.

Step 2


When migrating your data into our HCM system, we set it up based on your preferences and existing workflow.

Step 3


No guesswork. Your dedicated account manager guides you and team through all tools, processes and functionality.

Step 4


Once you feel at home on our platform, we hand the reins back to you—and remain available with legendary support.

Imagine if you could:

What’s in a name?

Your team wants you to succeed. We help you help them help you:


Solutions for
everyone on your team, including you


Excel at recruitment through retirement


New, smarter ways
to work— rather than work around


Tools that unify leadership and staff into one force


Employee care
systems that lead to
long-term retention

Our gift to you:

7 Leadership Strategies for Companywide Retention

Clients speak

See how ExcelForce is helping clients grow their teams, businesses and bottom line.

Why us?

We do all this so
you can be all that

Our values
  • Work toward wow
  • Make it easy
  • Bind yourself to duty
  • Be the solution
  • Said means done
  • Don’t sell; truth tell

Run your business.
Don’t let it run you.

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